How To Improve Your Cellphone Signal

By Sanchit on Thursday, September 25, 2008

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Tired of weak network signal?
Obstructions like walls, mountains and fat people; RF interference; weather; and your phone’s antenna placement are all things than can dilute your signal to a tiny, staticky trickle.

Here are recommended fixes:
1. Change Location: If possible shift

2. Get An External Antenna: An external antenna works when your internal one cant do the job.

3. Invest In A Repeater: A repeater gets weak signal and boosts it for your phone

4. Change The Way You Hold The Phone: Yes, surprisingly the way you’re holding the gadget could make substantial difference to the signal.

If none of these work you probably need to call up your provider, threaten them with a switchover and hope someone listens and sets up a cell tower next door!!!!!!