Gujarat will trigger saffron revolution: Modi

By Sanchit on Monday, December 27, 2010

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Energy revolution in Gujarat
New Delhi, Dec 17 (PTI) Gujarat is indeed all set to paint the country "saffron", Chief Minister Narendra Modi said here but the Hindutva icon was today referring to his state taking the lead in bringing about an energy revolution.

"The milk (white) revolution began here, the green revolution was from Delhi, and now, we will trigger the energy - saffron- revolution. In this way, the tricolours of Indian flag will be in Gujarat," he said.

The Chief Minister was speaking at a seminar on ''Gujarat-- the hub of excellence for infrastructure and real estate'' organised here by Confederation of Real Estate Developers of India (CREDAI).

Modi said the government''s "modus operandi" when it came to preparing policies was to make a draft and then upload it on the website, invite inputs from industry and common man and then go ahead with a balanced view.

A leading US-based foundation has awarded Gujarat the world''s largest solar plant and 34 solar projects are in the pipeline. The state also houses India''s first tidal energy project and the largest wind energy farm, he pointed out.


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Gujarat has been best performer in executing poverty alleviation schemes for the minorities

By Sanchit on Monday, December 27, 2010

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Gujarat minority tops developmentThe ruling comrades in Bengal are trying to win back Muslim support by organising seminars in the capital, but the CPM-led regime hasn’t shown the same enthusiasm in implementing welfare schemes for minorities in the state.

Bengal has been listed as one of the worst performers in executing poverty alleviation schemes for the minorities under the Swarna Jayanti Shahari Rozgaar Yojana. The figures have emerged barely months before next year’s Assembly polls and at a time the state’s Left government has been trying desperately to win back Muslim support after a series of electoral reverses.

The recent seminars in Delhi — one for the “intelligentsia” and the other for migrant workers — were part of these efforts and were aimed at spreading the message that no one has cared for the minorities like the Left.

According to the data collected, Bengal, whose 27 per cent minority population is one of the highest in the country, has given assistance to only 11 persons from the minority community to set up micro enterprises against a target of 153.

The state has the lowest ranking in this category, while Andhra Pradesh(Congress), Bihar(BJP-JDU), Madhya Pradesh(BJP), Maharashtra(NCP-Congress) and Orissa(BJD) have exceeded the targets they had been set. The best performer has been Gujarat(BJP).

In skill training, Bengal has been able to help only 40 persons against a target of 1,224, while neighbour Bihar(BJP-JDU) has far exceeded its target.


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The mao of Gujarat

By Sanchit on Monday, December 27, 2010

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Narendra modi''If Modi can become the second Gujarati to have his picture on rupee, he will consider his life well spent.''

The unnamed young students of Ahmedabad who had a question or two for Rahul Gandhi this week were pertinent, not pert. They also provided more evidence that students are doing the job that journalists either cannot, or will not, do; which is, ask relevant questions. In this case, media was prevented from reporting the event, so journalists can’t be faulted, and we know what happened thanks only to an enterprising reporter from the ‘Times of India’ who had a source inside the hall.

The essence was simple and the same: students wanted to know why they should vote for the Congress when Narendra Modi had developed Gujarat so much. One answer given by Rahul Gandhi was odd, to say the very least. Mao Zedong, said Rahul Gandhi, also developed China but “he caused destruction to the country, too”. I am not too sure whether Narendra Modi would mind being compared to one of the great figures of the 20th century, warts and all. Rahul Gandhi probably gets his views on history from some briefing by a young and fresh associate, but he could have checked with the Chinese.

They have moved on from Mao, just as India and the Congress have moved on from Mahatma Gandhi, but China still reveres the leader of the Long March as the leader who laid the foundations of China’s economic miracle. Mao’s portrait dominates Tienmien Square as well as the nation’s banknotes. If Modi can become the second Gujarati to have his picture on the Indian rupee, he will consider his life well spent. Chairman Modi has quite a nice ring to it as well, although Modi would be going too far if he published a little red book packed with his quotable quotes and asked millions of young people to wave it in unison during a cultural revolution.

A young girl was sharper in her question. She asked which Congress leaders could measure up to Modi on the development matrix. Rahul Gandhi had four names on the tip of his tongue: Manmohan Singh, P Chidambaram, Jairam Ramesh and A K Antony. It is interesting that three of the four did not contest the Lok Sabha elections, and the voters in Chidambaram’s own constituency had such a poor view of his development capabilities that he was declared defeated before he was declared elected in the 2009 general elections. It would be interesting if Jairam Ramesh could find a constituency from where he could get elected on a development platform, but his ministry does take its priority cues from Rahul Gandhi’s travel plans.

The Ahmedabad students did not get into a critique of the heir’s remarks, but they did press on about Modi. Why was Rahul denying Modi credit for Gujarat’s development? He had caused ‘some issues’ replied Rahul Gandhi. Did he mean riots? At this point the story takes a curious turn. This was where Rahul Gandhi could have departed from fudge and become forthright. Instead, says the report, “the Congress leader refused to engage further and walked out saying he was getting late”. Perhaps he was only getting restive.

Rahul Gandhi had found out what Barack Obama discovered when he met Mumbai students at St Xavier’s College. It is easier to field questions from journalists than students. But that does not explain why he was evasive at the end. The students were more specific and forthright than him. It must be a recurrence of the old Congress disease, trying to play both sides against the middle.

Those who take the young for granted do not understand the young. They like cosmetics, but they never confuse make-up with the face.


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Saffron t̶e̶r̶r̶o̶r̶ tomato to take on mighty onion

By Sanchit on Thursday, December 23, 2010

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tomato satire saffron terrorAfter rising prices of Onion left the govt red faced a steep increase in the price of Tomatoes is sure to increase troubles for the govt. However the govt is trying to downplay the incident and blame the increased cost on the opposition and right wing Hindu organisations. The govt is of the view that rising price of tomato is a new form of saffron terror as the tomato is "saffron" in colour. While people argued that tomato is mostly red in colour and "saffron tomatoes" didnt exist Congress leader Digvijay singh said that he had "proof" about the existence of saffron tomatoes and there is no need for him to lie.

A secret cable accessed by Wikileaks suggest that Rahul Gandhi had told US ambassador that saffron tomatoes were a bigger threat to nation than cross-border terrorism or corruption. He pointed that the tomatoes were a ploy by opposition and right wing Hindu extremist groups to destabilize the economy of the country. He said if given a chance he can bring the prices of tomatoes down in 15 minutes by painting them green and thus foiling opposition's plans. He also urged the youth of the country to take to farming and grow tomatoes so that extremist organisations does not suceed in their plans.

Congress president Sonia gandhi suggested to introduce 25% subsidy in the price of tomatoes for muslims while Mulayam singh yadav and Lalu yadav reacted sharply saying such a move would never be allowed unless separate provisions are made for SC's and OBC's.

Meanwhile BJP the princple opposition party isnt amused by all the hype. The party insist that it has no hand in the increase in price of tomatoes and the govt is trying to play politics over a serious issue. BJP demanded resignation of the PM and said it would take to streets incase the PM fail to do so. A mass rally of BJP is expected in capital on Sunday.

Disclaimer- This post is a work of fiction. There is no intention to hurt feelings of any person or group.
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After Cnn-Ibn Times Now twist tweets and provide wrong "news"

By Sanchit on Tuesday, December 21, 2010

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Times now wrong tweet

The below post is taken from HERE.

A tweet from @sureshnakhua was twisted according to “Times Now” ‘s whims and fancy and aired to substantiate their stand on their show “News hour Debate”.

Similar incident of flashing tweets from non-existent twitter accounts to substantiate the “news channel’s viewpoint” occured on CNN IBN’s “India at 9″ show,on December 16th 2010. You can check details of that incident HERE.

Times Now's Fiasco-

On October 18th, 2010 a user named Suresh Nakhua tweeted to Times Now-

Times now wrong news

The twisted tweet which falsely showcased @sureshnakhua as “Congress supporter” was:

“Congress should not lose its focus by worrying about Modi”

Mr Suresh was agitated by this twisted tweet fiasco and emailed Times Now, with proof substantiating his claims, and demanded public apology.

Mr Hector Kenneth, Senior Editor,Times Now, replied to Suresh’s five repeated emails after seven days,citing:

“There was another user with the feedback that was wrongly ascribed to you”.

Mr Suresh did not buy this reason. He verified with the list of tweets sent to Newshour on 18/10/2010 between 0913hrs and 2358hrs, and again, emailed TIMES NOW denying their claims.

Mr Hector continued to be adamant,but later gave-in and admitted to the fiasco.

Screen shots of conversations between Mr Suresh and Times now can be found below (Click on thumbnails to view images clearly)

Suresh’s letter to Times Now:


Reply to Mr Suresh Nakhua from Mr Hector,Senior Editor of Times Now


Suresh’s letter proving the TIMES NOW’s claims wrong:


Reply from Arnab Goswami (Editor in chief)


Mr Hector continues to be adamant


Mr Hector gives-in,admits fiasco and apologizes


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Support Wikileaks

By Sanchit on Friday, December 10, 2010

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Support wikileaks

Many may not know but Wikileaks is facing resistance from all quarters under political pressure. Mastercard, Visa and Paypal have closed Wikileaks' account and thus stopped the flow of donations from people to Wikileaks. Many banks have frozen their accounts. The website is being blocked in various countries and made target by various hacker groups. Most companies arent ready to provide hosting or domain to the website and Wikileaks articles are being taken off from many websites.

When governments are showing their political might and indulging in cyber warfare and blocking Wikileaks and its accounts isnt it time that the actual users of Internet raise protest against it?

Having seen the real face of Media in our own country (India) IT IS TIME to support an organisation like Wikileaks.

A message from the Wikileaks petition

The vicious intimidation campaign against WikiLeaks is a dangerous attack on freedom of expression and the press. Top US politicians have branded WikiLeaks a terrorist organization, and urged corporations to shut it down. Commentators have even suggested assassinating its staff.

Whatever we think of WikiLeaks, legal experts say it has likely broken no laws, and the group works with leading newspapers (NYT, Guardian, Spiegel) to carefully vet what it publishes - so far less than 1% of the cables leaked to it.

We urgently need a massive public outcry to defend our basic democratic freedoms. Sign the petition to stop the crackdown -- let's reach 1 million voices this week!

300,000 reached in first 24 hours! More than 355,000 have signed the petition.

Will you?

Sign the petition HERE and dont forget to spread the message.


PS: I am not a big supporter of Online petitions but this specific one is from the Wikileaks itself. The link is from the official Wikileaks account on Twitter. You can check the About Us section of "" where the petition is hosted to see what has been the effect of earlier campaigns by Avaaz.

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