3 Idiots- Movie Review

By Sanchit on Friday, December 25, 2009

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3 idiots movie review Awsome, Spectacular, Timeless. It can't get better than this!!

Going into the movie I didn't have much expectations because of the reason that the movie was hyped and also I didnt want to watch a movie of Comedy genre. But I dont generally miss movies these days so I decided to go and what better than to watch the movie 1st day itself.

3 Idiots is a movie about 3 friends and their life and experiences at the engineering college. The movie starts a bit slow but picks up pace after 1st 10 minutes. After that its an amazing experience till the very end. The 1st half is a total laugh riot. 2nd half is a bit slow as compared to 1st half but it goes very well with the story of movie.

Direction and dialogues are superb. The story is narrated in a very interesting way using flashback extensively. 2 dialogues by Sharman's mother and the speech in Hindi are worth mentioning. Gladly the songs are not forced and go with the pace of the movie.

The movie maintains a consistent pace throughout and at no point you feel bored or distracted. Much attention is paid on detailing and connecting the dots so any thing that may look unnecessary or forced at start has relevance later in the movie.

Acting by everyone in the movie is good. Some have done a great job while others have done an excellent job. But Aamir Khan has certainly stole the show here! You can't even imagine some other actor in that role. I dont know if its the best work by Aamir khan but it would be certainly among the top 3.

All in all an amazing and great movie. Completely original story and not even a hint is copied from any MOVIE. Rajkumar Hirani is a great director and he shows it once again. Movies like this are not made often so dont miss it at any cost!



(I would have given more but the rating ends there! )

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Avatar- Movie Review

By Sanchit on Sunday, December 20, 2009

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Avatar movie review 1st to put it straight I don’t watch much English movies so this won’t be exactly a review but just a general post about the movie.

I had high hopes from Avatar ever since I heard about it and had pretty much decided that would watch the movie on the 1st day itself. Got the tickets for the movie Review on Thursday and was glad that Avatar didn’t disappoint me at all.

I wouldn’t even like to talk about the “science” part of the movie that whether its possible or not the whole thing about the Avatar program and all. Its a sci-fi movie and one should be pretty much happy to see the creative work of the story writer and director in that case. I expected it to be a great visual treat along with amazing action sequences and the movie was top notch in that! The movie grips you from the start and I never felt a single moment where I was bored or had lost interest in the movie. It was such great work that I was looking at my watch and was happy that this is a long movie which meant more entertainment.

Many people were not impressed because they say its the same old story and they have seen enough of Star wars, Alien v/s Predator etc. Now I haven’t seen any of those films so cant compare with them but even though it might be a similar story a great attention has been paid to detailing which is good as you don’t wonder later that something was forced or not explained in the movie.

Watch it for the exclusive beauty of Pandora. Watch the movie for a story that has comedy, action, Sci-fi, love and what not. Watch it for a story that keeps you glued to the screen till the very end. And if you have a cinema hall showing the movie in 3d in your city there’s nothing better than that.

Rating- 9/10
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By Sanchit on Sunday, December 13, 2009

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Baba indicted by Liberhan died in 1990!

By Sanchit on Friday, December 04, 2009

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AYODHYA: The indictment of Deoraha Baba — the yogi with followers from the elite to the hoi polloi — by the Liberhan commission report has set off a tsunami of protest from Ayodhya’s sadhus, not least because the seer isn’t alive to defend himself anymore. In fact, he died in June 1990, more than two years before the Ayodhya demolition.

Two most powerful mahants of the temple town, the president of Ram Janma Bhoomi Trust, Nritya Gopal Das, and the head Akhil Bhartiya Akhada Parishad, Mahant Gyan Das, have sought ‘‘public apology from Justice Liberhan or prepare to face the consequences of his evil doings’’.

For the record, while Gopal Das commands unflinching loyalty of more than 2,000 temples in Ayodhya and heads the body empowered to grant holy affiliation, Gyan Das is the leader of the highest recognised body of seers combining both Shaiv and Vaishnav sects. The parishad, among other things, charts out the agenda at the Kumbha congregations.

‘‘The indictment of Deoraha Baba is low mischief aimed at hurting Hindu sentiments,’’ Gopal Das said. ‘‘Baba was a spiritual guide to all: from a pauper to the most powerful. He was above narrow confines of caste and community. Each saint and guru in Ayodhya is deeply anguished at Liberhan’s folly and meetings are being held across the town to chalk out a retaliatory strategy,’’ he said. ‘‘Does Justice Liberhan know that the departed saint he slandered so casually in his useless report could quote from Quran, Guru Granth Saheb and Vedas with equal felicity? Or that the list of his callers included Zakir Hussain? Dragging his name into his report is a sin which must be atoned,’’ a visibly disturbed Gopal Das told TOI.



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