Yahan koi Rahul gandhi nahi rehta!!

By Sanchit on Friday, October 09, 2009

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rahul exposed Bothadbodan is a drought hit village in Yawatmal district in Maharashtra. Troubled villagers have not got any relief from Govt. People are depressed and some have already committed suicide.

Rahul Gandhi visited this undeveloped Bothadbodan villege last year in July. Margaret Alva was with him.A local person named Suresh Chhattani showed him the villege. He was with Rahul Gandhi for almost 2 and half hours.

Rahul Gandhi promised to give land, cattle etc. to troubled villagers and gave his mobile number to Chhattani on piece of paper in his own handwriting. "If u have any problem, call me on this number. This is mobile number of my personal assistant Ravi Kapoor" He said.When asked what happened next, Chhattani told that he was promised 3 buffaloes but has not got anything.

When asked why didn't he call on the mobile, Chhattani replied " Saheb, I called so many times. See I even called today morning. Some Ravi Kapoor takes the call and tells me angrily..... yaha koi Rahul Gandhi nahi rahata, ab bar bar phone mat lagana. ( Nobody named Rahul Gandhi live here. And stop calling me again and again. ) When the reporter asked if he explained Ravi Kapoor who he was and what Rahul had promised, Chhattani replied in hopeless tone " Saheb, this Ravi Kapoor was also here that day....... with Rahul Gandhi. "