Avatar- Movie Review

By Sanchit on Sunday, December 20, 2009

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Avatar movie review 1st to put it straight I don’t watch much English movies so this won’t be exactly a review but just a general post about the movie.

I had high hopes from Avatar ever since I heard about it and had pretty much decided that would watch the movie on the 1st day itself. Got the tickets for the movie Review on Thursday and was glad that Avatar didn’t disappoint me at all.

I wouldn’t even like to talk about the “science” part of the movie that whether its possible or not the whole thing about the Avatar program and all. Its a sci-fi movie and one should be pretty much happy to see the creative work of the story writer and director in that case. I expected it to be a great visual treat along with amazing action sequences and the movie was top notch in that! The movie grips you from the start and I never felt a single moment where I was bored or had lost interest in the movie. It was such great work that I was looking at my watch and was happy that this is a long movie which meant more entertainment.

Many people were not impressed because they say its the same old story and they have seen enough of Star wars, Alien v/s Predator etc. Now I haven’t seen any of those films so cant compare with them but even though it might be a similar story a great attention has been paid to detailing which is good as you don’t wonder later that something was forced or not explained in the movie.

Watch it for the exclusive beauty of Pandora. Watch the movie for a story that has comedy, action, Sci-fi, love and what not. Watch it for a story that keeps you glued to the screen till the very end. And if you have a cinema hall showing the movie in 3d in your city there’s nothing better than that.

Rating- 9/10