Who is an "Internet Hindu"?

By Sanchit on Sunday, March 14, 2010

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Internet Hindu
Article on topic from the Daily Pioneer HERE.

Few days ago I came across an interesting term "Internet Hindus" while reading the newspaper. For better understanding of this post and the article later let me define broadly what "Internet Hindus" stands for.

Internet Hindus are people socially active on blogs, forums, social networking websites, microblogging websites etc that are quite vocal about their views on Hinduism, Media, Politics and nation as a whole.

Now the question arises- How are Internet Hindus different from Normal Hindus? And why this term was coined to differentiate between the two?

The fact lies behind the bitter truth of Media controlling the people. (Check my article on it HERE.)

Media can act like a slow poision by showing the same kind of news and promoting the same kind of views again and again and affect the viewer's subconscious mind so that he develops a certain outlook and view point. Why this is done is a different question and there are various factors responsible for it - TRP wars, Political funding, Kickbacks, Parental organisations who fund the channels etc.

Media for the past few years have been promoting a certain kind of mindset and ideology which will be evident once you become a "Internet Hindu" as some frustrated journalists like to call it.

For example- I was a "normal" Hindu about 1 year back. I used to watch news channels extensively and was pretty much aware about the country and politics. Then I joined the "Jaago Re" community on Orkut since I wanted to get my Voter card made. There someone asked me to post an article in the "NDTV" community since he was BANNED from there (talk about freedom of expression!) and couldnt do that. Subsequently I joined the community and got to know some more facts. Later I joined the "Indian politics" community and finally "India" community.

After many months of long reading of various articles I got to know the completely different side of the picture. How the news articles are twisted, How the "Breaking news" are completely different from what happened, How the headlines are made misleading to gain TRP's etc.

Thus the Internet Hindu is aware about the media and then it is evident then he is critical about it and also critical about the views which the media tries to force on the viewer. It is dangerous for the media since the ideology they are promoting would suffer a setback along with the setback to their own selfish interest. So in a very clever move they are trying to ridicule these people by terming them as "Internet Hindus" who according to them dont represent the real Indians so that other "normal" hindus continue believing the media blindly and thus dont become "Internet" hindus.

1 thing that is important to mention here is that there is also lots of FALSE content doing the rounds of internet which may brainwash some people and would infact go against Internet Hindus and would question their credibility. It is easy to get brainwashed and be fooled by words without any authenticity. That is how terrorists are made.

And sadly some people want to portray us in the same light by coining a different term for us and claiming that we are brainwashed and different from actual Hindus. But most people like me have always relied on VALID SOURCES before believing in any news and forming opinions and thus all news posts in my blog are supplemented with valid links from newspapers.

The final question then is "How can one say media is biased and then provide valid links and rely on the same Media for believing news at the same time"?

The statement isnt contradictory and the answer is hard work , patience and using the mind. One should have the patience to read/follow the whole news rather than just read the Headline/breaking news part. Some channels, newspapers etc can promote a certain ideology but in a vast country like India there is always a way of knowing the truth and atleast some credible source (News channel, newspaper) cover the other side of story too.

And then its for your mind to compare the 2 sides and chose the correct one. If you find 20 news links to 1 side of the story you would find 1 news link that tells the other story and thats where "Internet Hindus" come and make the other side popular so that more people know both the sides much to the dislike of certain section of People and Media. Sadly for them-

Internet Hindus are here to stay!