Loving the whole world!

By Sanchit on Friday, May 28, 2010

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Love the whole world

"Love the whole world"

You must have heard this statement before. Celebrities say it, Miss World contestants say it, Diplomats say it, Religious teachers say it and many others say it at one or other point of time in their life. But rarely does one implement it in real life. After all the task seems unrealistic and even impossible!

So why should we even think of loving the whole world in the first place?

Well you may have heard people preaching that we all are one. Everything is creation of God and God resides in everyone so how can you hate others. If people start loving each other the world would be a happier place to live in. But the crime graph is rising rapidly, terrorism is on its peak, Murders are committed on trivial issues and it looks an uphill task to even think that these people have an iota of God in them.

Now to define God is a complicated task. For atheists it is a fictional character. But even they will agree that if there is one he is Omnipresent, Omnipotent and doesn't have any shape or form. At this point of time it is difficult to think of anything we definitely know that exists and have the same characteristics. We will discuss about that later.

Lets do a little test now. Close your eyes for 1 minute. Forget about all the religious teachings you have had till now or have read it in holy books and think about the answer to the following question-

Are you the body or you are not the body but the body is yours?

1.) I am the Body.

Lets take example of 1 fictional character Nilesh to answer this one. Nilesh thinks he is the body. If we ask Nilesh "who are you?" , He will answer " I am Nilesh". Now suppose Nilesh looses his legs. Again if someone ask him the question he will answer " I am Nilesh".

The experience of the person doesn't change even a bit no matter how his body his. He wont feel "half" if he has half the body implying that he is definitely something more than just the body.

2.) I am not the body but the body is mine.

Suppose you chose the 2nd answer. Now the question is if you are not the body then "Who are you?" and "Where are you?". You might say I am inside the body in each and every part. But again if someone cut your hair you don't loose a part of yourself which should have happened if you were in every part. Also if someone systematically open up the whole body he can't find anything else except the physical parts. More importantly you don't feel something is tightly fitted in you when you are a child and you do not feel something is loosely fitted when you grow up implying that the "thing" must not be having any form or shape.

Something which doesn't have any form or shape can either exist EVERYWHERE or NOWHERE. So we exist everywhere...eh? But it is the same thing said about God that he is Omnipresent! Now the big question remains that there is nothing which fills the criteria. And the answer is-


Energy universe

Just like God energy is present everywhere. Or shall we say God is energy and energy is God. We are also energy. According to various religions a person doesn't die, its just the body that dies. The first law of thermodynamics states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed.

Once we understand that we all are one and the same thing it might become easier to love others. If we can't love atleast we shouldn't hate people. Some people may associate love with inaction. One legitimate question is - "What to do with the criminals then?" and the answer is - Do whatever is necessary as per the situation but not with the feeling of hatred.

When a mother hits her child she still loves him very much but the action is taken to reform him. Similarly criminals should definitely be punished or jailed so that they could reform or in extreme cases they maybe killed for larger benefit of the society but all these things can be done with good intentions. There is really no need to keep a heart filled with hatred to take action.

Easier said than done but atleast people can give it a try. The earth already weighs 6.6 Septillion Tons. Don't make it heavier by carrying a heart filled with jealousy and hatred. On that note I end this long post with the hope that this world becomes a happier and lovelier place to live in.