Do girls also chose random guys while in a group?

By Sanchit on Wednesday, March 02, 2011

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Girls in a group
All people in the world must have roamed around with their friends/relatives at some point of time. It might happen when you are on a holiday with friends or at a function with relatives etc. It is also not uncommon on some of these ocassions to find a group of opposite sex with exactly the same no. of persons as in your group. Generally there is a lot of eye contact but seldom do people talk to each other.

Generally on such ocassions boys do chose their respective girls from the group just for fun even though there might not be any concrete plans to proceed further. On rare ocassions there may be a mock fight over a particular girl but generally a consensus is reached. Most of the times this is a fruitless exercise done to kill time.

What I wonder is- Do girls do the same? And If they do is the consensus reached easily or there is intense (mock) fight for the most attractive guy with no girl wanting to settle for anything less?

So what are your views upon the issue? Have you ever had such a situation in your life? What did you do? Please share your experiences via comments.

Inspiration for this post- Me and my brother's meeting with 2 girls at Western Court, Pkl. Quite a bit of following and eye contact both ways but unfortunately no talk.