An open letter to bjp

By Sanchit on Wednesday, August 24, 2011

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JanLokpal bill bjp responseNow lets not even talk about congress here. I have never supported congress and have known of their intentions since long time so neither their stand on the Janlokpal issue nor their reluctance to take anti-corruption measures comes as a surprise to me. And really I have nothing to complaint against them as that is not the party which I support.

But bjp is a party which claims to be "Party with a difference" and in many aspects it is or shall I say it used to be. All the points where bjp could claim an upper hand from political rivals are slowly diminishing and unfortunately they are also following in the footsteps of other parties. I have been a supporter of bjp since a very long time and have tried to convince many others also that their policies are better for the nation than the congress. But on the JanLokpal issue the stand of bjp has been very disappointing. Infact it hasn't taken a stand at all! It wants the prime minister to quit office but doesnt tell where its own intentions lie.

I had expected a strong stand from bjp and support for the anti-corruption measure specially when it had said earlier that they would support the JanLokpal bill.
Every political party is trying to take advantage of the situation without really doing anything. From congress we dont expect anything but from the opposition hard measures were expected.

In 2014 I would remember how political parties responded when people needed support. I hope others would do the same.