Hello-Movie Review

By Sanchit on Thursday, October 16, 2008

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Hello is a movie about the events that takes place 1 night @ the call centre. I have not read the book so i wont compare it with the story of the book and would just discuss it as a general movie.

The movie starts out pretty ordinarily. 1st half is filled with many light hearted silly comedy moments which you will enjoy if you are not too much into logic. The movie starts picking up pace towards the end of 1st half as things start going wrong for everyone.

The 2nd half starts with more suspense and there is much anticipation for "the call from GOD". But what could have been the strongest point of the movie seems to be the weakest. The scene isnt impressive and the movie just go down and down from there and the last half an hour is poor to say the least. Its like taking the entertainment level to 95% (before the call from god) and then dropping it to 0% in the last half hour.

Sohail khan has been the pick of the actors. Sharman joshi is also ok. Gul panag is looking gorgeous and has done well. One wonders where she had been all these years!!!!! Sajid-Wajid has again done a good job after "Partner" and the music is good. The songs to look out for are "bang bang bang" and "karle baby dance wance".