How to fool others!!

By Sanchit on Sunday, October 19, 2008

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Caught in a sticky situation and need to come up with an excuse? Read the following tips to train yourself for 1 of the most important art of life!!!!!

1.) Be aware of the situation- This will help you in coming up with an excuse.

2.) Build up the excuse- If possible, blame it lightly on someone else. "My parents were invited to a family party and I had to go." is a good example.

3.) Force yourself to believe your lie is truth- This will make you naturally act as if you were telling the truth.

4.) Confess ocassionally- Confess petty things ocassionally which dont matter to you so that people have that trustworthy image of you and do not suspect you later!!!!!!

5.) Remember- Treat your lie as a truth and remember it for the future

Stay calm
Practise in front of the mirror
Have a backup plan
Dont involve much people in your story
Learn the art of crying!!!!!

Dont fumble
Dont make suspicious gestures (hands in pockets, face down etc)
Dont be repetitive

If you got more points fill the comments!!!!! ;)