Rikshawpuller takes on attackers

By Sanchit on Monday, November 08, 2010

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Courage by ordinary manMany times people may have come across situations where they saw something wrong happening but couldn't do anything because the enemy was too strong or had better weapons. But the incident mentioned below shows that sometimes its intent and inner strength what matters instead of power or weapons. Hats off to Salim Ahmed because what he did many others wouldn't have done!

Rs 25k reward for rickshawpuller

NEW DELHI: Salim Ahmed, the rickshawpuller who dared to challenge the attackers when they shot at and injured Taiwanese nationals near Jama Masjid gate number 3 on Sunday, has finally found something to be cheerful about. Almost two days after the incident of firing near Jama Masjid, commissioner of police, Y S Dadwal, has announced a reward of Rs 25,000 for Salim.

Salim (26), whose wife is not in good health, humbly proclaimed that he would use the money for his wife Shabana's treatment. Shabana has been suffering from tuberculosis since the past five years. TOI had reported in its Tuesday edition what prompted this Kalyanpuri resident to emerge as a hero on Sunday.

A couple of hours after police announced the reward, Salim said not a single police officer had contacted him. Back at the police headquarters, Delhi Police spokesperson Rajan Bhagat said the award was to appreciate the courage shown by Salim. The schedule and nature of how this reward money will be distributed to Salim will be decided soon, he said.

Meanwhile, on a day out with his family, Salim came with his wife and two children inside Jama Masjid. ''My wife wanted to see the place where all this has happened.

While Salim played with his son Imran (3) and daughter Muskan (1), Shabana narrated how she had been fighting the disease that had rendered one of her lungs useless within a year into their marriage. ''I was so worried when I saw on TV that Salim had tried to scare away the attackers. I am proud of him, but was very nervous. We have been struggling for a while now, and Salim has to shoulder all responsibility for the family,'' she said.

Salim's act of bravado has won him several supporters and well-wishers. He has already been approached by a group of citizens living in Calcutta and Gurgaon who offered to help his wife get treatment. A leading pharmaceutical company has been approached by these citizens, who claim that the company has promised to provide Shabana with free medication. The citizens are trying to work out the logistics for getting Shabana hospital treatment as speedily as possible.