Varun Gandhi helping Dalits in his own way

By Sanchit on Wednesday, November 10, 2010

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The style of functioning and political leanings of the two young Gandhi cousins may be different but their concern for the Dalits is the same. While one shows concern for this section of society in full media glare, (And still does nothing-


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the other expresses his sympathies and offers a helping hand in his own way, sans publicity. In one such gesture, the saffron Gandhi -- BJP national secretary Varun Gandhi -- sent drafts of one lakh rupees each to the families of the two Dalit girls who committed suicide after being gang-raped.

The BJP Member of Parliament from Pilibhit recently visited the families of the two Dalit girls who were raped and subsequently committed suicide as they could net bear the trauma. While 15-year-old Vandana, daughter of Ashok Diwakar, committed suicide at Ramabai Nagar in Ghatampur, 20-year-old Kavita Rawat, daughter of Kiran Rawat of Shukla Ganj in Unnao, who also ended her life after being gang-raped.

Varun visited the families of both Dalit girls and mounted pressure on police to nab the rapist who were absconding because of laxity of the local police.

According to BJP's state media in-charge Narendra Singh Rana, Varun Gandhi handed over the drafts to former MP Shyam Bihari Mishra and former Legilsative Council Chairman Manvendra Singh to delive them to the families of the victims.

It may be recalled that some time back, Varun had visited some ailing old timers of the BJP and had promised monetary help to them for better treatment. The BJP national secretary had assigned this task to BJP state secretary Ashutosh Tandon Gopalji, who handed over the drafts to the ailing BJP old timers on Varun's behalf.