Saffron t̶e̶r̶r̶o̶r̶ tomato to take on mighty onion

By Sanchit on Thursday, December 23, 2010

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tomato satire saffron terrorAfter rising prices of Onion left the govt red faced a steep increase in the price of Tomatoes is sure to increase troubles for the govt. However the govt is trying to downplay the incident and blame the increased cost on the opposition and right wing Hindu organisations. The govt is of the view that rising price of tomato is a new form of saffron terror as the tomato is "saffron" in colour. While people argued that tomato is mostly red in colour and "saffron tomatoes" didnt exist Congress leader Digvijay singh said that he had "proof" about the existence of saffron tomatoes and there is no need for him to lie.

A secret cable accessed by Wikileaks suggest that Rahul Gandhi had told US ambassador that saffron tomatoes were a bigger threat to nation than cross-border terrorism or corruption. He pointed that the tomatoes were a ploy by opposition and right wing Hindu extremist groups to destabilize the economy of the country. He said if given a chance he can bring the prices of tomatoes down in 15 minutes by painting them green and thus foiling opposition's plans. He also urged the youth of the country to take to farming and grow tomatoes so that extremist organisations does not suceed in their plans.

Congress president Sonia gandhi suggested to introduce 25% subsidy in the price of tomatoes for muslims while Mulayam singh yadav and Lalu yadav reacted sharply saying such a move would never be allowed unless separate provisions are made for SC's and OBC's.

Meanwhile BJP the princple opposition party isnt amused by all the hype. The party insist that it has no hand in the increase in price of tomatoes and the govt is trying to play politics over a serious issue. BJP demanded resignation of the PM and said it would take to streets incase the PM fail to do so. A mass rally of BJP is expected in capital on Sunday.

Disclaimer- This post is a work of fiction. There is no intention to hurt feelings of any person or group.