After Cnn-Ibn Times Now twist tweets and provide wrong "news"

By Sanchit on Tuesday, December 21, 2010

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Times now wrong tweet

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A tweet from @sureshnakhua was twisted according to “Times Now” ‘s whims and fancy and aired to substantiate their stand on their show “News hour Debate”.

Similar incident of flashing tweets from non-existent twitter accounts to substantiate the “news channel’s viewpoint” occured on CNN IBN’s “India at 9″ show,on December 16th 2010. You can check details of that incident HERE.

Times Now's Fiasco-

On October 18th, 2010 a user named Suresh Nakhua tweeted to Times Now-

Times now wrong news

The twisted tweet which falsely showcased @sureshnakhua as “Congress supporter” was:

“Congress should not lose its focus by worrying about Modi”

Mr Suresh was agitated by this twisted tweet fiasco and emailed Times Now, with proof substantiating his claims, and demanded public apology.

Mr Hector Kenneth, Senior Editor,Times Now, replied to Suresh’s five repeated emails after seven days,citing:

“There was another user with the feedback that was wrongly ascribed to you”.

Mr Suresh did not buy this reason. He verified with the list of tweets sent to Newshour on 18/10/2010 between 0913hrs and 2358hrs, and again, emailed TIMES NOW denying their claims.

Mr Hector continued to be adamant,but later gave-in and admitted to the fiasco.

Screen shots of conversations between Mr Suresh and Times now can be found below (Click on thumbnails to view images clearly)

Suresh’s letter to Times Now:


Reply to Mr Suresh Nakhua from Mr Hector,Senior Editor of Times Now


Suresh’s letter proving the TIMES NOW’s claims wrong:


Reply from Arnab Goswami (Editor in chief)


Mr Hector continues to be adamant


Mr Hector gives-in,admits fiasco and apologizes