Gujarat has been best performer in executing poverty alleviation schemes for the minorities

By Sanchit on Monday, December 27, 2010

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Gujarat minority tops developmentThe ruling comrades in Bengal are trying to win back Muslim support by organising seminars in the capital, but the CPM-led regime hasn’t shown the same enthusiasm in implementing welfare schemes for minorities in the state.

Bengal has been listed as one of the worst performers in executing poverty alleviation schemes for the minorities under the Swarna Jayanti Shahari Rozgaar Yojana. The figures have emerged barely months before next year’s Assembly polls and at a time the state’s Left government has been trying desperately to win back Muslim support after a series of electoral reverses.

The recent seminars in Delhi — one for the “intelligentsia” and the other for migrant workers — were part of these efforts and were aimed at spreading the message that no one has cared for the minorities like the Left.

According to the data collected, Bengal, whose 27 per cent minority population is one of the highest in the country, has given assistance to only 11 persons from the minority community to set up micro enterprises against a target of 153.

The state has the lowest ranking in this category, while Andhra Pradesh(Congress), Bihar(BJP-JDU), Madhya Pradesh(BJP), Maharashtra(NCP-Congress) and Orissa(BJD) have exceeded the targets they had been set. The best performer has been Gujarat(BJP).

In skill training, Bengal has been able to help only 40 persons against a target of 1,224, while neighbour Bihar(BJP-JDU) has far exceeded its target.