Biased media and suffering citizen

By Sanchit on Thursday, May 07, 2009

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Watching news on T.V. and keeping myself informed about world happenings is 1 of my hobbies. I had always shuffled across various news channels and would watch the 1 which had the interesting news on. I never suspected any channel of biasness until I came across few topics on Internet. 1 article led to another and after reading few of them I realised how some news channels are making people fool and are working with vested interests.

Some of the highlights of those articles which made me realise the facts were-

1.) Overhyped Varun gandhi's speech and absolutely no news about Vaiko's speech. ( If you don't know what Vaiko said just do a little google search ;) )

2.) Issuing a legal notice to a blogger who disclosed their true colours on his blog. (this was done by ndtv)

3.) Sensitive info given to terrorist by showing LIVE TELECAST during 26/11 and Kargil and claiming it as FREEDOM OF SPEECH (Again done by ndtv) and issuing legal notice to others when they exercised their right.

There are many points which cannot be mentioned in a single post.

The impact it has had is that it has created an environment where people only know half the truth and believe whatever is shown. When I talk with my friends who dont have much access to internet I am surprised to hear their thoughts and reasoning because they have access to only half info and are clueless about articles that surface on Blogs and Forums which tell the reality!!

Below is the link to a very nice blog post. The blogger has mentioned how he was evident follower of news channels and how some of them fooled him until he realized the truth. I recommend every person to read it once to be aware and stay away from this dangerous phenomena known as "Media Bias".

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