Clean politicians in Chandigarh

By Sanchit on Wednesday, May 06, 2009

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The youth and upper middle class today is not interested in voting. The reason they give is that " All candidates and parties are alike and they all are corrupt". Many wish Section 49-o to come into existence so that they can chose "none of the above" option.

Thinking that all candidates are corrupt is often a case of ignorance. In mumbai a leading surgeon and an investement banker (both women) stood this time but most probably they will lose this time as the "educated and urban middle class" which should have been their vote bank didn't come out to vote because of two reasons-

1.) They didn't know about them

2.) They didn't have the will to vote

So for people who think that they will not vote this time because there is no suitable candidate (in chd) take a look at this website of Candidate Ajay goyal.

He is an independent candidate and does not belong to any party. Other details, manifesto, qualification etc all can be found at the website. So if you think BJP and Congress doesnt deserve your vote atleast dont let it go waste and vote for some deserving candidate.

We all know that it is very unlikely that he will win this time but instead of not voting people should vote for the right candidate.

What will it do?? How does it matter??

If the voting %age is high the political parties will come to know that Urban middle class and youth is a vote bank and they vote for clean politicians so they will field candidates accordingly. More and more good people will come to politics knowing that good and aware people will vote for them.

Remember at the end of day A politician is as good as people who vote for him. If you want illiterate, poor, corrupt, thieves, criminals etc to vote for the good candidate while you enjoy your election holiday and sleep THAT IS JUST NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. So atleast vote someone to show that educated middle class is also a vote bank that cant be manipulated.

DISCLAIMER:- I am not associated with the candidate nor I am campaigning for him. I came to know about this candidate so made a post to tell people about less known candidates in Chd. If anyone know any other good candidate they can mail me and I will add them too.

Jai Hind