Why dont good parties stand a chance in elections!

By Sanchit on Sunday, May 10, 2009

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good political party Amost all people are tired of both BJP and the congress. Everyone wants the alternative to them which is good. Few people and parties have the courage to stand up to them and even then they dont stand a chance to win because of these reasons-

1.) Apathy of educated people towards voting- Educated people doesnt care about voting and poor and illiterate dont know the advantage of these parties.

2.) Gross flouting of norms by influential parties- Influential parties openly flout the EC norms and there is no surprise that they are let away easily!

3.) Media biasness- Media is not really interested in advocating the case of these parties and people as it doesnt generate much TRP but truth cant be suppressed. Check the below article-


Accusing both BJP and Congress candidates for the New Delhi parliamentary constituency of violating electoral laws, the Youth For Equality (YFE) on Friday lodged a written complaint with the Election Commission of India (EC) calling for rejection of their candidatures.

YFE president, Kaushal Kant Mishra alleged that Congress candidate Ajay Maken and BJP’s Vijay Goel had put hoardings and advertisements in gross violation of the election code of conduct.

Accusing both the candidates of spending money beyond the stipulated expenditure of 25 lakhs, YFE leader asked the Election Commission to look into the evidences submitted by them and take appropriate action.

To support their argument, YFE leaders also submitted a Compact Disc containing pictures of hoardings and advertisements put up by both candidates across New Delhi constituency.

YFE has demanded that both candidates must account for the money spent on the large number of hoardings and asked the Election Commission to cancel their candidature if they have spent beyond the limit.

Mishra called for removal of the hoardings in twenty four hours in case the candidates claimed that they were not responsible for putting up these advertisements.

YFE claimed that both Congress and BJP were misusing official position to further the political agenda. “On every lamp post and street light and public convenience, the faces of Vijay Goel and Ajay Maken are conspicuous by their presence”, said YFE spokesperson, Jiten Jain.

The Election Commission was also asked to get those private hoardings removed, where the agreement copies have not been submitted with the Returning Officer. Either these hoardings have been put up by the candidates themselves or their sponsors, which is against the law, claimed YFE.

YFE spokesperson Jiten Jain alleged hoardings and posters put up by Maken and Goel did not carry the name of publisher and the serial numbers, which was also against EC rules.

He also wanted to know, who was funding the promotional package of Congress candidate Ajay Maken, comprising a diary and a calendar, which is being distributed to each and every household by a courier agency.

The youth organisation also alleged that while no action was being taken against the political parties for violating poll laws, YFE activists were being stopped from distributing even pamphlets.

Citing an instance, president Kaushal Kant Mishra, said that one of their worker was roughed up at the Karol Bagh Metro station, while he was giving handbills to commuters.

Calling for action against those violating poll code, YFE activists said that they will sit in front of the Election Commission office till some action was initiated on their complaint.