Why BJP is the winner in direct states!!

By Sanchit on Friday, May 08, 2009

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Never noticed this fact until there was a poll on CNN-BN. The Question was " Is BJP ahead of Congress in DIRECT states"

Direct states are those states where there is direct competition between BJP and Congress and no 3rd party is strong there. These are Delhi, Rajasthan, M.P., gujarat, Chattisgarh and 1-2 other states.

A whopping 92% people voted that YES BJP is ahead in direct states! The discussion then shifted as to why congress faires so poorly in DIRECT states. The reason that came out was that congress doesnt project any leaders while BJP alwayz project their leaders. With the exception of Sheila Dixit in Delhi congress doesnt project a leader in any direct state whereas BJP has chosen leaders for each state- Modi for gujarar, Raman singh for Chattisgarh etc.

It can be clearly seen that people are voting for clean and efficient leaders and 1 state whereas congress has fielded Dixit as CM (delhi) it has won easily.

But then why dont congress project leaders?? Why??

The ans not given by me but by the experts and anchor was due to a possible fear that they may become too strong and could hurt P.M. aspirations of the Gandhi family!

Congress is more or less run like a Monarchy. Jawaharlal Nehru, then Indra gandhi, then her son Sanjya gandhi, then Rajiv gandhi, now manmohan singh (mask for Sonia gandhi) and Rahul gandhi is being projected as the future P.M. whereas there are many well deserving and experienced and good leaders already. Most notable is Pranab mujherjee.

Even in today's situation people can very well see all leaders of BJP has risen from ranks and their are many prominent leaders like Modi, Chauhan, Sushma, Jaitley etc. Whereas congress doesnt seem to have a leader so strong that he can be made P.M. because they never project anyone except Rahul gandhi who hasnt done anything till now and in the recent past his statements are benifitting BJP more than Congress!!

So people better decide IS INDIA A DEMOCRACY or MONARCHY?