When Rahul gandhi met Kalavati

By Sanchit on Wednesday, September 23, 2009

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It is said that "A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words".

rahul gandhi kalavati

Rahul gandhi spoke about Kalavati in parliament and many Indians got a new hero and future leader of India. After all which politician would stay in a poor woman's house for 1 full day and promise her help to solve her problems. And what does he get in return? NOTHING! (If you leave aside the front page coverage by print media and many hours of prime time on news channels which would eventually transform into votes.)

The latest update is that Rahul gandhi didnt keep his promises and Kalavati didnt get a single penny for help. Elections are over and Kalavati was turned away when he tried to approach Rahul gandhi in delhi to remind him of his promise. [1]

Though her life has improved now because of the help by social workers, NGOs and the common man which doesnt look for publicity while helping. [2]


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