Dhobi Ghat- Movie Review

By Sanchit on Saturday, January 22, 2011

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Dhobi ghat mumbai diaries movie reviewThis would be a short movie review. Not even a review exactly but my opinion about the movie without going much into the technicalities.

Dhobi Ghat is not a movie but an insight into normal characters of everyday life. There is nothing special about any of the characters or about the period which has been shown in the movie.

The english title of the movie "Mumbai diaries" is apt as the story and screenplay reflect what someone might have wrote in his diary had he been told to observe the characters.

There is no point in the movie and that is precisely what many viewers may not like. The movie is about picking 4 random everyday characters of Mumbai and providing an insight into their lives for a while and also displaying little bit of Mumbai in the process.

With that kind of plot what works in the movie's favour is brilliant acting and realistic portrayal. All the characters and elements look believable and their emotions are captured very well.

The movie has its elements of humor in between. Performances are good and direction is somewhat different. There are no songs. Theme background score which can be heard in trailers could have been used in a much better way in movie. Thats 1 area where movie makers missed the trick.

This is a kind of complex movie which would garner extreme opinions I believe. It would be loved by few and will land into their favourites list while many others would hate it and wont see what was the point of making the movie. I personally was bored at times while watching the movie and liked the movie at various other points of time. Overall opinion about the movie- Good. (On a side note I found the character of Yasmin very irritating in the 1st half.)

Rating- 7/10