Finding blood donors in case of emergency

By Sanchit on Thursday, September 17, 2009

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Blood emergency
Few months ago I was browsing some forums when I saw a topic created by someone who needed blood for her friend's mom and it was EMERGENCY. Since the blood group was o -ve which is very rare blood wasnt available so she was looking for some help and donors. I started my search looking for donors and in the end could provide her a list of many potential donors. So I would like to share the process here that how you can find blood donors during emergency incase the need arise so that it maybe helpful for someone in future.

1.) - This is a great website where a database is created of volunteers. You can search for donors by blood group, state, city etc. post requests and can have a look at important information. Just check out the website.

2.) - Same as above.

3.) Social networking websites- Search for a particular blood group on these websites and you will find many communities/groups already existing. Join them and start scanning the forums. Most of the times you will find a database of volunteers or their contact details. Otherwise you can contact them through scraps, messages etc.

4.) Google- It is probably the best place to look for anything. If you know googling you can find many volunteers. Just do a google search with some query like "list of blood donors in XXX" (xxx is name of city) or "blood group donor city" and you can find many results. Google is the last alternative if you cant find donors through 1st two methods.