Is this what you call Jihad?? Shocking photographs

By Sanchit on Thursday, September 24, 2009

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One of the least known and least publicized current wars involving Islamic extremists is the ongoing jihad in southern Thailand. Muslim separatists in the southernmost portion of the country have been committing a seemingly unending series of terror attacks on Thai Buddhists, on other Muslims (apparently as punishment for not supporting the violence) and on the Thai police and military. This has been going on at least since 2004, and most likely much longer (though unseen by the outside world). The goal of the terrorists is to create a Muslim-controlled independent state ruled by Islamic law.

The few reports of the Thai jihad that reach the western press are almost invariably purely textual descriptions of the violence; only rarely are photos to be found in media reports, and almost none of those photos show what's really going on: beheadings, corpse desecrations, torture, bombings, and more.

An anonymous correspondent (based in Malaysia) recently sent to zombietime a series of extremely explicit photographs depicting some of the violence being committed by Islamic terrorists in southern Thailand. Extensive online searches through various news archives failed to turn up the precise origins of these photos, nor of any photos even vaguely similar. Because of this, the images are newsworthy, and I decided to make these photographs available online as a sort of "evidence archive" of what has been happening in southern Thailand recently.

WARNING: The images below are EXTREMELY graphic and are not for the faint of heart, young children, or anyone offended by violent images. If you feel you are not prepared to view totally UNCENSORED, EXPLICIT, AND UPSETTING images of violence and death, DO NOT continue viewing this page. You have been warned. When I say this I am Damn serious about this one.