Ram Setu and the floating stones!

By Sanchit on Sunday, September 27, 2009

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Ram setu Ever since NASA captured this picture (on the right) there has been a wide debate on Ram setu. Much of it started when the central govt decided to launch the controversial Sethusamudaram project which is an ecological disaster in itself ( that would require another post to explain ;) ). So the debate would not end until the ASI gets the permission to conduct carbon dating test on the bridge.

Anyways whats fascinating is the finding of "Ram pathar" at various places which keep on floating in water. Below is the picture of 1 such stone. I have enough reasons to believe that it is not some trick as I myself has seen one of this on my way to Manali. They all look similar like ordinary stones. When you hold them they are of same weight like other stones but when you put them in water they float mysteriously!! Have a look at the picture-

floating stone

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Jai shri ram I believe in God

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