Great after sale service by Pizza Hut

By Sanchit on Thursday, September 17, 2009

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pizza hut experience I had been a regular to Pizza hut until I came across Dominoes Cheese Burst pizza which is something completely different and out of this world. But still my love for Pizza hut's Veggie Lovers pizza hasnt changed and with Pizza hut launching their new "Cheezy bites" pizza I thought it would give strong comparison to Dominoes cheese burst and decided to try the same.

So yesterday I ordered 1 veggie lover and 1 Cheesy bite pizza from Pizza hut. While veggie lover was good as usual I was surprised to find NO CHEESE in so called "cheesy bites". Unhappy over this I left a negative feedback on their website .

They had asked for the contact details so I was expecting a call from them today. Around 5 pm I got a call and the person apologised and asked in detail about the complaint. Then he offered a free pizza so that I can check whether it was just one time mistake. So I got the pizza at around 9:30 pm and I have to say that though the quality was better it was a little below from what I had expected. But I was really happy by the gesture shown by their staff as they accepted the mistake and tried to rectify it. The manager again called to know about my experience and I said that though the quality could have been better I really appreciated the gesture shown by them.

So I may not try their Cheesy bite pizza the next time but I will surely visit and would recommend everyone to visit there because you can be sure that if anything is not satisfactory in service you have people and a company who is willing to listen and improve their service so that the customers get the best!!